No Clean Solder Flux 0%



B.I.C  No Clean Solder Flux 0%


  • It is recommended to be used in Dip Soldering Process.
  • It is recommended to be used in Wave Soldering Process.

Helps solder to “cling” to metal by removing oxide buildup. Also helps spread out solder by reducing surface tension. Liquid flux is crucial for surface mount soldering and de-soldering.


– Rosin/Resin Free

– Low Post-Process Residues

– Lead-free & tin-lead compatible

– Halide-free

– Apply to Circuit Boards by a spray, foam or dip process.

– Non Corrosive and Non-conductive.

  • No Surface Insulation degradation.
  • No offensive odors.
  • Prevents Re-oxidation.
  • ROHS 
  • Compatible with all types of Solder.


– For wave soldering conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies.

– NO RESIDUE will be left on the assembly after soldering.

– Boards will be dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the wave solder machine.

– Eliminate problem of Short Circuits.

B.I.C NC Flux 0% for Wave

Our Wave NC 0% is a rosin-free, resin-free, halide-free, no-clean wave solder flux designed to promote enhanced wetting during the wave soldering process.It has a higher activity level and lower surface tension than other no-clean liquid fluxes.It performs well with bare copper, solder-coated, and organic coated PCBs, leaving negligible post-process residues that are non-conductive and do not require post-process cleaning for most applications.


  • Improves soldering performance
  • Eliminates the need and expense of cleaning
  • Non-corrosive tack-free residues.

Data Sheet: Available on request.

Availability:– Available in: 0.5 Ltr,1 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 20 Ltr packing.


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