RMA Solder Flux 8.25%



B.I.C RMA Solder Flux 8.25%

– Rosin Mildly Activated
– Non-Corrosive Residues
– Improved Soldering Performance- Residues Removable With a Saponifier.
– Can Be Foamed, Sprayed, Dipped or Brushed
– It helps to give bright, shiny solder joints.

  • No Surface Insulation degradation.
  • No offensive odors.
  • Prevents Re-oxidation.
  • ROHS 
  • Compatible with all types of Solder.


The original fluxes for electronics assembly were rosin-based.

– It is an activated rosin-based flux formulation.

– It has a high activity level that provides bright, shiny solder joints and is very effective in tarnish or oxide removal.

– Small amounts of residue left on the assembly generally will not harm the assembly unless it operates at high temperature and humidity.

It is a medium solids, mildly activated liquid flux with a solvent rosin activation formulated to provide a post-process flux residue that is both insulating and non-hydroscopic . As a mildly activated rosin based flux, RMA 8.25% offers a wide process window, good cleaning properties, and excellent thermal transfer.


– It provides good shine to solder joints and can be cleaned using PCB Cleaning solvents.
– It leaves small sticky layer around joints.
– Suitable for Printed Circuits Boards by Spraying or Dip Process.
– Fine pitch Soldering.
– Hand Soldering on PCB’s.
– For Mobile and SMD Repairing.

Availability: 0.5 Ltr,     1 Ltr,    5 Ltr,   10 Ltr,    20 Ltr packing.


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