Fuse Wire 28 swg



Tinned copper (Fuse Wire) wires are used in applications involving current flow, corrosion resistance, or when you need to solder the wire to some component.


Bajaj Insulation Co. ( a.k.a B.I.C Solder) are manufacturers of Tinned copper wire / Fuse Wire in 26 swg and 28 swg.

Tinned Copper wires are desirable for soldering as they make connections and soldering an easy task given tin is a primary component in solder. Tin also helps to strengthen the copper wire underneath, making it more resilient to breakage or lost connections while also boosting coppers conductivity.

So while tinned copper wire is more expensive than bare copper wire, it is often considered to be a much more prudent expenditure in the long run. Given that  tin plating can drastically increase the life of copper, as well as ensure its effectiveness in high humidity areas, it pays for itself with strong performance and a lot less maintenance.


B.I.C Tinned Copper Wire is available in 26 Swg and 28 Swg (Wire Diameter)

Packaging: In 100 gm packing and 1 Kg Packing.


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