SMD SMT Solder Paste 63-37



Bajaj Insulation Co. is one of the well-known solder paste manufacturers in India. We are into the business of manufacturing solder paste since 1989. With the help of our proficient manufacturers and soldering experts, we are producing best quality solder paste for several industries. Solder Paste is required in multiple industries these days for the assembling of components or electricity boards.

We always use excellent quality solder alloy and flux when manufacturing solder paste. The solder alloy is carefully picked by our professionals to ensure that we fabricate reliable quality solder paste. Depending on the application of the solder paste, we use different mixtures of metals when using solder alloy. Most often they include lead, tin, copper, silver, and a few other metals. We at Bajaj Insulation Co. manufacture solder paste in bulk to fulfil the large requirements at different industries.

We are known for supplying solder paste to multiple industries including aerospace industry, telecommunications industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, lighting industry, and many more. According to customers demand, we also supply lead-free solder paste considering the environmental factors. All our solder paste gets tested for its quality and efficiency before we deliver them to respective clients. As one of the top solder paste manufacturers in India, we supply them at best market prices.

B.I.C SMD Paste series are middle activity resin based no clean type solder paste. Especially designed no clean flux for soldering where residues are indecomposable.

With our supreme focus on R&D to produce best cost efficient products for our customers, we have introduced Smd Solder paste in India.

  1. Ingeniously Produced.
  2. 2. Recommended by various Renowned companies.
    Our SMD Solder Paste can sustain Room Temp upto 35 *C and no lumps formations will be seen. Its efficient and best in the Industry.

Use B.I.C SMD Solvent to increase performance of Solder Paste by 50% and increases spread-ability and splattering on the PCB. Its also used in diluting the paste while the solder joints gets brighter.


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