60/40 Sn/Pb Solder bars



B.I.C 60/40 Sn/Pb Solder bars

  • PURE Oxide-Free Stick/Rod which means min. Dross rod.

One cannot ascertain Dross in Stick from outside. Regular Rod contain 30% Dross inside it. Purchasing cheap Rod which is not Oxide free means paying for Dross at the price of Solder.

  • Strong joints and sustain high temperature and shocks.
  • Require at least 240*C to melt in Dip Machine

B.I.C Solder bars are machine extruded with net 250gm weight of each bar. It ensures lower dross formation at customer end and high accuracy in business dealings in terms of packaging of goods in net 1 kg packs thus eliminating the use of scales to measure each bar.

Also, we manufacture hand molded solder bars in pneumatic machines for high Tin percentage qualities as it ensures more solder shine and heavy weight bars which are easy to fill large solder tanks (wave machines). Also our dross reducing chemicals are added to minimize dross formation in wave process.

Available Solder Bar Compositions (Sn/Pb):

63/37, 60/40, 55/45, 50/50, 45/55, 40/60, 35/65, 30/70, 25/75, 20/80

Available Solder Bar Composition (Pb Free):

99.3/0.7 (Sn/Cu), 99/1 (Sn/Cu), 99/0.3/0.7 (Sn/Ag/Cu), 96.5/3/0.5 (Sn/Ag/Cu)


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