Aluminium Solder Flux


We at Bajaj Insulation Co. are one of the renowned solder flux manufacturers in India. Solder flux is necessary to use during the soldering of many meals, especially aluminium and copper. To ensure that the solder joints are bonded effectively and to control the flow of solder, it is essential to use excellent quality solder flux. With more than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing solder flux and several other soldering products, we are producing excellent performing solder flux in India.

Being one of the top solder flux manufacturers in India, we are known for manufacturing a wide variety of solder flux. They depend on the type of soldering and the type of metal or application they are required for. Some of them include water-soluble flux, no clean flux, and rosin flux, and a few more. Depending on the type of these soldering flux, we source different types of raw materials for manufacturing them. We use several top-notch chemicals in them including solvent, activators, inhibitors, and a few more materials. At Bajaj Insulation Co., we are producing solder flux using best and right formulation to show effective result.

Packing available: 100gm and 500gm

  1. This flux is used for Aluminium to Aluminium or Aluminium to Copper Soldering at Low Temperatures.
  2. Low-temperature soldering prevents aluminum components from melting
  3. Resists electrolytic action between aluminum and copper, preventing leakage between dissimilar metals.


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