B.I.C Solder Dip Machine / Solder Bath / Solder Dip Pot



Our range of Solder Dip Pot are made of heavy duty and tough S.S. material with a very long performance life.

We have Semi-manual thermostat and Digital Solder Dip machines in 12 different Sizes with varying Solder holding capacity.

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Dip Machine Size Solder Capacity (Kg)
Size 2*2 Thermo Stat 1
Size 4*4 Thermo Stat 7
Size 6*6 Thermo stat 9
Size 8*8 Thermo Stat 12
Size 8*10 Thermo Stat 15
Size 8*12 Thermo Stat 17
Size 10*12 Thermo stat 20
Size 12*20 Digital Machine 35

Size Refers to (width*Length) i.e. 8*10 means 8 inch width and 10 inch length.

Kindly check your PCB size before ordering the specific size machine. If PCB Size 6*6 then order 8*8 machine Size.

Temperature Control:
Thermostat – 280*C
Digital – 450*C

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