50/50 Sn/Pb Solder Wire


B.I.C. 50/50 Sn/Pb Solder Wire

We manufacture Solder wire with activated flux in different flux ratios as required by customers. This range of solder wire emits Low smoke and low post soldering residues.

Flux Ratio available: 1.6 %, 1.8%, 2.0%, 2.2%,

Available Composition: (SN/Pb) 63/37, 60/40, 55/45, 50/50, 45/55, 40/60

Model No.  B.I.C Sharp

Description: Low Solder smoke and post soldering residues with high flow.

Swage Available: 16/ 18/20/22 swage

Packing Size: 500 gm / 250 gm Spool

Customized Packing: 12 swg to 16 swg in 10 gm to 1 kg spool

For more details visit: https://bajajsolder.blogspot.com/2016/05/b_32.html


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