No Clean Solder Flux 4%



B.I.C No Clean Solder Flux 4%


– It is recommended to be used in Dip Soldering Process.

– It is recommended to be used in Wave Soldering Process.


–    Low solid Content, No-clean organic flux.

–    Non-corrosive and Non-conductive flux

–    Leave minimal post-process residues that are pin testable without cleaning.

– Apply to Circuit Boards by a spray, foam or dip process.

– Improves Solder Shine.

  • No Surface Insulation degradation.
  • No offensive odors.
  • ROHS 
  • Compatible with all types of Solder.


–    Designed for wave soldering conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies eliminating defects often experienced with traditional fluxes.

–    The surface insulation resistance is higher than that provided by typical organic water-soluble fluxes.

–    This flux formulation is suitable for soldering bare copper and solder plated circuit boards. It is advised that bare copper boards be free of excessive oxides and other contamination for optimum soldering performance.

–    It is extremely safe for rework, palletized wave soldering and point-to-point selective soldering.


–    Very low residue left on the assembly after soldering. (It is not required to clean PCB at most time)

–    Do not interfere with electrical testing and the expense of cleaning is eliminated.

–    PCB assemblies are literally dry as they exit the wave solder machine.

Availability: 0.5 Ltr,     1 Ltr,    5 Ltr,   10 Ltr,    20 Ltr packing.


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